Shaykh al-ʿAllāmah ʿAbd Allāh bin ʿAbd ar-Raḥīm al-Bukhārī (حفظه اللّٰه) said,

“Listen to the advice of the scholars and hearken to it. And from among the finest of those who advise in these times is our Shaykh al-Imām Rabīʿ (حفظه اللّٰه) and his brothers from among the scholars; al-Imām al-Fawzān and others from among the scholars. Listen to these advices. Do not say: (He has become) aged, or senile, or weak. We know these oft-repeated statements of old, which were said by a people before them, so due them (such statements) they became losers…”

Friday Gathering 9th Jumādā al-Ōlā 1439AH

Translated by @ZubayrAbbasi