ʾAllāmah ʾAbd al-Muḥsin al-ʾAbbād (حفظه ٱللّٰه) was asked:

Questioner: Our shaykh, will you contirbute to put out the fitnah in Algeria?

Shaykh: Which fitnah?

Questioner: The fitnah that has taken place between the callers.

Shaykh: Who are they?

Questioner: They were twelve mashāyikh gathered together by Dār al-Faḍīlah, and now they have differed. Shaykh Farkūs is on one side, and the other mashāyikh on another side. And Shaykh Rabīʾ and Shaykh ʾUbayd, each of them have given advice to Shaykh Farkūs to gather with his brothers and end the differing, but he has rejected the advice and said: I will not gather with them.

Shaykh: Who advised?

Questioner: Shaykh Rabīʾ and Shaykh ʾUbayd both advised Shaykh Farkūs.

Amazed, the Shaykh said: And what will I say!? My speech will not benefit!

Source: This question was asked at Masjid an-Nabawī after ʾIshāʿ, Friday Night 12th Jumādā al-Ūlā 1440AH. Translated by Zubayr bin Moḥammad al-ʾAbbāsī