Zubayr bin Muḥammad ʾAbbāsī (حفظه الله)

Question posed to Shaykh Dr. Shaykh Dr. Moḥammad bin Ghālib Al-ʾUmarī (حفظه ٱللّٰه) about praying in Masājid with SOPs

as-Salāmu ʾalaykum wa raḥmatu-llāhi wa barakātuh May Allah be good to you Shaykhanā حفظکم اللہ. With the decision to open mosques in the Emirates – May Allah protect it’s rulers and it’s people – for the worshippers in a limited… Continue Reading →

Shaykh Sālim Bāmiḥriz (حفظه ٱللّٰه) replies to a doubt and his advice on how to deal with those who spread it

Questioner: as-Salāmu ʾalaykum wa raḥmatu-llāhi wa barakātuh. Ḥayyākumu-llāhu Shaykhanā Sālim may Allāh protect you. This is Zubayr with you from Pakistan. I hope you are doing well. Shaykhanā there is a question: Some people spread that the general speech of… Continue Reading →

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